Diwali Celebration in our School

DIWALI : festival of lights

The celebration of festival of lights;Diwali come alive at The Mann School, when the role school word a festival look with diyas and candle adorning the school building and hostel. The rangoli on the theme of eco-friendly diwali by the students of all three houses added the perfect setting to the festivity.

Junior students discuss about the significance of the festival how good always conquer the evil and why and how diwali is celebrated across the country. Our principal always sensitised the student about the ill-effects of crackers and the increasing rate of pollution in India.

Students with their creative minds prepare different types of candles, diyas and pooja thalis which are decorated with ribbons, sparkles, beads, shells, stars, mirrors, glitters,etc,. Candles displayed are of varying size and shapes- ranging from small diya to flora, dome shaped and even decorated with frills made of wax.

Later on, we assemble at the Central Performing Arts (CPA) of our school to worship God Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. Followed by, we have a mouth watering dinner at our mess, and finally a photo session to capture the memories with friends to remember the best days of life.

Our day ends with the speech of our Principal sir, where he encourages us to celebrate every festival with same spirit and enthusiasm not being concerned about the caste or religion. We also learn that festival can be celebrated in other way then by just firing crackers and polluting the environment.

So, this is the way our school (The Mann School) celebrates Diwali…….